Sunday, 22 December 2013

Straight from the heart..........8..........(The International Postgrad syndrome!)

Your son’s completed BE, has he not? So, when does he plan to apply for MS?” This is a common question I faced after my son had completed his BE, as if it were the only thing to do, naturally , after a graduation in Engineering.

I have been thinking, ever since my son entered his Engineering College as to why are we, Indians, so hell bent on pushing our children to the USA/Europe or somewhere abroad? Is it really for that education and learning or from a craze of having a child settling down in the USA/Europe or somewhere abroad? Especially because the children, after they qualify, generally do not return.

Many of us will argue here and justify about the ‘quality’  of life, relevant of these countries, but is the life in India so bad that you chuck away the roots of your base existence for all those material comforts, calling your very own country dirty and non-worthy  of  your residence, when you prefer to being second-class citizens with "dignity", elsewhere???......A country looked up to, by the whole world for its sound  cultural heritage and other deep-rooted values??. And is it not from this very country you qualified with the minimum that is required of an MS or equivalent outside?

Long ago, there was an opinion of not enough opportunities in this country. In the time, when we graduated, this arguement still held good, but is it the same today? Are there not enough opportunities and scope in various other  fields as well, which did not even exist some thirty odd years ago?

Under the circumstances, what then is the ‘carrot’ that pushes most of our youth to these countries? I wonder how many of the children, residents for centuries by reasons of their origin,  from these very countries   pursue an MS?  My guess is that more than 75% of their MS revenue comes from Indians!! Does that not speak for the prosperity of our "developing' nation?

And with pride I say, we have Indian parents working hard to meet the education requirements of their children by earning in rupees, in India, and paying in dollars!! An earning made from their basic education in India and Indian rupees!! Not all these parents have an MS themselves!!Infact, these parents are from those times, when there were not enough opportunities in our very own 'developing' nation....They are an example on values worth a mention here ......about how hardwork and dedication can never go wrong!!

Another question that comes to the mind is, are all  MS grads, now settled in the USA/Europe/elsewhere, capable of educating their children in that same way? Especially under the  Economic scenario  which is true of these countries  today? And opportunities there? Are they the same as they were thirty years ago? Inspite of it all, what is the big attraction of a post-grad outside? Sadly, I find, it is more the parents drive than that of their  children,  of pushing the child towards an international post-graduation!

Personally, I am an academic freak myself, with an utmost love for every child  to have the best education, at all costs! But certainly not freaky enough to push him somewhere, beyond his/her wish to acquire somethingwhich would take them away forever from that, which is the really what this life is all about!!

No, I have no wish that they cling on to us for everything......but the bonding with family and friends that they grew up with, the World that they love and was theirs once, the warmth and comfort of their loved ones, that they seek from time to time, the secure feeling of their elders being at a stone’s throw, should they ever need them, all this and more,  should not be lost to them, certainly not for some cold material possessions!

Lines from Pankaj Udhas’s song “chitthi aayi hai.... ..” are  sweet and  powerful, meaningful and they sum up the above just so simply!!

Pahale Jab Tuu Khat Likhata tha
Kaagaz Men Cheharaa Dikha taa Thaa
Band Huaa Ye Mel Bhii Ab To,
Khatam Huaa Ye Khel Bhii Ab To”

“Tuune Paisaa Bahut Kamaayaa,
Is Paise Ne Desh Chhudaayaa
Panchhii Pinjaraa Tod Ke Aajaa,
Desh Paraayaa Chhod Ke Aajaa
Aajaa Umar Bahut Hai Chhotii,

Apane Ghar Men Bhii Hain Rotii,”