Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My very own poetry-book......4..................Silver bounty

Silver bounty

Have you walked in the dark, on a moonlit night?
With the silver shine making all things bright?
Has the beauty of that moon, ever touched you so
That it completely grips you, from head to toe?
Have you felt like reaching out, to embrace this silver moon,
Whose intoxicating silver charm, makes you almost swoon?
Have you thought of your love, being beside you then?
Or love appearing suddenly, on a quick count of ten?
Has “her” beauty dazzled you so, that you continue to stare?
No pangs of hunger nor thirst,  no, nothing to beware?
Did you gaze at yourself then, or the silver in your hair,
Or the silver trees with silver leaves , silver everywhere?
Just beyond this  road you walk, a silver beach you will see,
Further on, as you go by, silver waves will greet ye!
Priceless than, isn’t this silver, that money cannot buy?
No GoldMarts can display this, its only in the sky!!
No shopping for this silver then, no going on a spree,
This beautiful Nature’s bounty, bestowed on us for free