Thursday, 17 October 2013

My very own poetry book............7.............Cyclone Phailin

Uprooted trees, overturned trucks,  dead power  lines on pole
Almost  12 million humans tormented,  death numbers  taking  toll
All because Mother Nature, had played her  vital role
In causing Cyclone Phailin to injure every soul!

At  220 kilometres per hour speed , it struck ‘Odisha’ ground,
Damages caused thereafter, no place else  to be found!!
Cos two lakh dwelling houses , two lakhs of agri land,
Disappeared in a jiffy with the wave of the  “Phailin “wand

The Defence forces deployed,   to help out day and night
In evacuating so many,  they had put up a brave fight
Inspite  of  all the valor displayed,  should  efforts go in vain
Or will then, those be nurtured , who  dwell in  grief and pain!