Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My very own poetry-book......5..................In retrospect!

Watching  the evening Sun on the beach,  one  cold wintry day,
My thoughts drifted to the past, in a soft and breezy way
Some memories so vivid and clear, some so dull and hazy,
Enough though to paint before, a picture bright and rosy!

With schoolbag in her hand and hair tied in pigtails,
Off  to School and friends she went,  to share her girly tales,
where a  life she lived and thought, was her centre-stage,
Oh what a time that it  was, what an era, what an age!

At every  School  event, her participation was a must,
Tried to put on a great show, no talent  she let  rust!
Her strength were her parents,  encouraging to the core
“never will  I let them down,” was something to herself, she swore.

That she was true to her oath, was something she did prove,
Honoured by School  as the Best-student, what more could she do?
But  honour brings with it, responsibility of a lifetime to shoulder
A character to hold upright and never to let it molder

Thus school days  soon  over, College days came on,
New horizons to   conquer,  olds bygone;
To struggle just as hard once more, to ignore power or pelf,
To do  all  those things just as right, to be able to boost herself.

Lots and lots of work then, and  also  lots of play,
Moments were  so joyous, moments  were so gay,
Thus rolled on sweet  Life,  but all good things must end
Once again the” best student,” here,   her onward  “life” to fend

In all these lovely years,  she realizes today,
T’was the family and friends, that helped her make her  way
Pray , who is this girl then, whose tale I am writing?
Gosh, none other than  ‘me’ it is,  with my continued spirit of fighting.
Fortunate, am I not then, to have a family so loving and devoted?
No wonder then, that I stand so tall, with my values so deep-rooted!